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Healthy Choice Award




She has enjoyed her time with you immensely and she has really grown into a very independent little girl with your guidance, which has given her a solid foundation for school in September. WE LOVE KIPLING LIONS!!!!


"I have to say a massive thank you to everyone at Kipling Lions. You guys were the first people to look after M except for family. I was extremely worried fron day one and you guys done an amazing job. M's totally come out of her shell, she's made new friends and ome great connections with the staff. I'm so confident that she'll go far in school now thanks to you ladies. X"


"I can't deny I had tears in my eyes today. Every single one of you ladies are amazing! Thank you for believing in a child as unique and individual as W. His journey is just beginning and things may not be a straight road but what you have given him and us is strength to persevere and grow. Thank you! We love you! X x"


"A big thank you to all the staff at Kipling Lions from M and me, you guys are amazing people, you gave M the confidence to come out from his Shell, he has become very strong and confident, now I know he will do just fine through his life in school, He will miss you all! x"


Our eldest two children attended Kipling Lions when they were little and have now progressed excellently through primary and into secondary school but we were a little concerned about our youngest R as she is at times a bit of a handful. However, the staff at Kipling Lions have done a fantastic job and R is making lots of friends and progressing well and we are really pleased. R loves Kipling Lions and we will be sad to say goodbye at the end of this year but are very thankful for everything you have done for us over the years!

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